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Dark Star Diaries

Dark Star Diaries


Clear Skies,有机会的黑洞

事件地平线望远镜的历史性探索shadow"of a supermassive black hole is off to an auspicious start

工作人员April 11,2017 — Seth Fletcher

Confirmed: Black Holes are Magnetism-Powered Eating Machines

The long list of unanswered questions about black holes contains one particularly surprising item: How do they eat?Unlike many of the riddles that black holes pose,this one seems so simple: What do you mean we don't know how things fall into a black hole??

工作人员bepaly亚洲体育真人娱乐场December 3,2015 — Seth Fletcher

Finding"Fringes": New Event Horizon Telescope Detections Start Trickling In

The technique that the astronomers of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) use to observe black holes is called Very Long Baseline Interferometry,or VLBI,but it might as well be called Extremely Delayed Gratification Astronomy: it can take weeks or months after an observing run to find out whether the telescope array actually saw anything.

工作人员5月22日,2015 — Seth Fletcher

Hunting Black Holes at the South Pole

Each of the telescopes that the astronomers of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) are currently working to bring into their black-hole-observing,planet-size array is a special case.

工作人员February 26,2015 — Seth Fletcher

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